Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management involves the customized management of investment portfolios for individual clients, where tailored strategies are created and maintained based on their financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences.

The primary objective is to optimize investment returns, while effectively managing risks through a comprehensive analysis of investment options and the construction of diversified portfolios.

Our team of portfolio managers, consisting of financial professionals and experts, closely collaborates with clients to thoroughly understand their financial situation, objectives, and time horizon. By assessing their risk tolerance, income requirements, and liquidity needs, we develop a personalized investment plan.

Our individual portfolio management services are designed to meet your specific investment needs and objectives. We play a pivotal role in defining financial objectives, assessing risk tolerance, and formulating an asset allocation strategy through close collaboration with our clients. We diligently identify suitable investment options and continuously monitor portfolio performance. Through necessary adjustments, regular reports, and clear communication, we ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your goals.

For this management type, we suggest an investment of  5,000 euros.

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