Aleksandra Mitev

Aleksandra Mitev is a highly accomplished investor and entrepreneur with and extensive 15-year background in capital markets. With exceptional expertise in accounting, financial management, trading and securities management, she brings a wealth of certified qualifications to our team. As a committed shareholder holding significant 50% participation in Vega Funds AD Skopje, Aleksandra’s unwavering dedication and active involvement underscore her deep commitment to our organization’s success.

Sasho Drakulovski

A distinguished professional in the realms of corporate governance and securities trading, SashoDrakulovski brings over a decade of executive directorship experience, delivering exceptional outcomes. With proven track record, his expertise in the field is unparalleled. As a committed shareholder with qualified 25% participation in Vega Funds AD Skopje, SashoDrakulovski exemplifies his dedication and active involvement in our organization, solidifying our foundation for success.

Stefan Stepanoski

An accomplished expert in the brokerage industry, Stefan Stepanoski brings over a decade of experience, showcasing his exceptional skills and knowledge. Currently serving as esteemed executive director of brokerage house Eurohaus AD Skopje, he has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s remarkable success over the past two years. As a committed shareholder with qualified 25% participation in Vega Funds AD Skopje not only demonstrates his vested interest but also solidifies his dedication to our organization. His profound expertise and proven track record, makes him a valuable asset in delivering optimal outcomes for our clients.