Vega Finance

The investment strategy of the Fund is centered on allocating holdings to distinguished companies in the finance sector and innovative entities that are at the forefront of advancing financial operations. The core of the portfolio will primarily consist of “traditional financial institutions” listed on global stock market indices, renowned for their significant historical performance and strong brand presence within the sector. Additionally, the portfolio will include companies that act as subcontractors to major financial institutions, capitalizing on innovative financial solutions expected to have a substantial impact on the sector’s progress.

Investment decisions will be guided by a discretionary approach, prioritizing companies involved in development and providing essential services within the financial sector. Special attention will be given to entities with a strong potential to establish and benefit from a positive long-term reputation, as well as those driving innovation. Furthermore, the fund’s investment strategy will focus on industries classified under the financial sector, encompassing global banking conglomerates, insurance companies, rating agencies, credit service providers, asset management firms, brokers, and other relevant sectors.