Vega world

The Fund’s investment strategy revolves around a meticulous selection process, focusing on well-established companies commonly referred to as “Blue chips” and “Dividend stocks” that boast significant market capitalization. A primary objective is to achieve portfolio diversification across various geographic regions and sectors. Furthermore, the fund’s holdings may be adjusted in response of prevailing market conditions. During the portfolio construction phase, the company takes into account macroeconomic and financial projections, as well as factors specific to different geographic markets and sectors. Moreover, a comprehensive evaluation of fundamental indicators pertaining to individual companies is conducted.

By leveraging the aforementioned indicators, the company aims to harness the potential active portfolio management through discretionary decision-making. This approach empowers the company to capitalize on opportunities presented by diverse economic cycles and market conditions across multiple geographic regions and sectors. Throughout this strategic process, investments are carefully allocated to companies that exhibit resilient financial indicators.